What homebuyers are allowed to expect from us


For the buyer, location, equipment and personal requirements for the new house of course, the price always plays a big role.

We know the real estate market and can tell you what you can expect for your money.

You will receive an exposé of your desired property, which contains numerous photos and floor plans, as well as statements about the immediate surroundings and the place of residence itself, so that you can clarify in advance whether it is worthwhile for you to visit the property. This saves you unnecessary appointments, driving and thus a lot of time.

We arrange for you appointments for visits and discussions with the seller and are of course to the side to clarify open questions and to obtain further necessary information.

The next step, in the case of a property, are negotiations on price, transfer modalities, taking over of furnishings and the like. Here we act as a mediator, who is not emotionally involved, like the negotiations for you.

All documents needed to finance your new property will be provided by us. You do not need to worry about the completeness of these documents. We'll do it for you.

Even if your financing bank needs additional information or would like to make an on-site visit, we will take care of it. Promised.

You would like to receive another non-binding offer for your personal financing solution? No problem.

By cooperating with regional and nationally renowned banks, we create a suitable, individual and tailored financing concept for each client.

We search for you from a pool of providers, the cheapest daily deal under consideration of your individual conditions out.

These offers are usually about 0.2% below the offers of the respective house banks.

Just like the seller, you benefit from the fact that we take care of the preparation of the contract with the notary, of course always in consultation with you and the seller. You will receive a draft contract from us in advance, and we also look after your questions or, of course, change requests.

However, our support does not end with the purchase contract for the handover of your desired property, we are at your side and will be happy to assist you with all relevant questions about correct insurance and, for example, in the search for craftsmen, etc.

As you can see, we also do our best for the buyer and we try to assist you in all matters relating to the purchase of your property with our wealth of experience.