Tips for buyers

Keep an eye on budget and finances


"Can I afford it at all?" Often it is certainly thoughts like this that come into play when planning the purchase of a property. "What financial resources do I have available?", "Is my equity sufficient?". Decisive factors in the calculation of the financing amount are the incidental acquisition costs.

These include land transfer tax (5% of the purchase price), notary, land register entries and - if purchased through brokers - the brokerage commission. As a rule, you should expect additional costs of approx. 10% of the purchase price in this regard.

Although banks go through all the possibilities of redemption and the associated terms and conditions of service when talking to the financing customer - however, one should first deal honestly with his very personal financial situation.

In credit planning z. For example, current home savings or disbursed life insurance taken into account, which can each be used to special repayment, which sometimes allows a maturity reduction of a loan. However, this must be clarified in the financing contract from the beginning. A far-reaching interest rate comparison is just as important as the choice of the appropriate type of loan.

Weigh it up and honestly ask the question: "After deducting all costs (including unforeseen maintenance repairs!) And the loan installments, I will not only have the bare necessities, but enough left over to get my usual standard of living or are the constraints that I have to do, so high that in the long run could be a hard stress test? ".