Energy certificate

How to sell legally safe!

As a property owner, you will be taken on board by the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) since 01.05.2014. The energy certificate must be presented unsolicited at the latest during the inspection. In addition, interested parties place increasing importance on the energy balance of a building. We therefore gladly take over its creation, so that you can achieve the optimal purchase price with no worries!

Worth knowing for owners

1. Types of energy certificates:

  • Consumption certificate (low significance due to strong subjectivity)
  • Demand card (high objectivity and consideration of the structural condition)

2. Which type of energy pass is the best choice for you depends on:

  • Property type (one-, two- or multi-family house)
  • Year of construction or modernization standard
  • Purpose (sale or rental, expert opinion, energy saving)

3. Mandatory information (for residential buildings) in real estate advertisements (Internet / press) according to § 16a EnEV:

  • Type of energy pass (energy consumption or energy requirement)
  • Energy value for the building
  • Essential energy sources for the heating of the building
  • Year of construction of the building
  • Energy efficiency class

For private providers:

A consumption-dependent energy certificate can be ordered from us regardless of the commission.

For our customers:

The creation of the demand-oriented energy certificate we offer you when commissioned free of charge! Not only are you on the safe side, but you are also saving your money.

We look forward to your inquiry and are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Because at LE-APIS Estate you are in the right place!