The valuation of your property


What is the value of my property?

Determining the objective selling price for your property plays an extremely important role at LE-APIS Immobilien. For this reason, LE-APIS Immobilien focuses on professional pricing. Poker the owner with the price too high, deters this procedure solvent prospective customers. As a result, the owner may be forced to lower the price, which can be detrimental to the real estate image.


If the price is set too low, the seller will give away unneeded capital. It depends on the realistic, marketable value of the property, which is influenced by numerous circumstances. In addition to the year of construction, the size and location, the technical conditions, such as the quality of the electrical and sanitary installation, the real estate substance in the most significant places, as well as, finally, the development guidelines and much more. Our customers rely on our market competence and have documented our service with the trustmark!


Thus, its determination of the transparent market value through our expertise and experience is theoretically and practically in balance, which gives you the highest level of security. It follows that the marketing process is accelerated and you secure the best possible purchase price. A property offered by us and "audited property" is highly valued by buyers.In addition to a value expertise for private providers, we offer a purchase price for our prospects owners enjoy the benefits of a thorough evaluation of the market price.And best of all: This service is free of charge when commissioned for Follow the other valuation questions for your property and trust in market-driven, well-founded valuation instead of belly feelings.

  • the location
  • building plot size and cut
  • share of community share
  • size of the living space
  • the type of property
  • the standard of equpement
  • the year of construction
  • renovations and improvements carried out
  • the offer on the market
  • the demand
  • inventory, which should be sold together
  • the yield of rented houses

Real estate marketing

Each property is an individual unique piece. In our assessment, all factors of the object are included in the evaluation. The location, the equipment, the year of construction, the plot size are just a few things that significantly affect the market value.

Buyers are often afraid that they have paid too much for the property and therefore simply understate the price. Sellers on the other hand think they have to set the price a bit higher, so it does not look like they could have sold the property too cheaply.

The best way to inform yourself about regional real estate portals or print media on comparable real estate. Simply collect all the data and calculate the value, e.g. the land value and the reference values.

You simply apply these numbers to your property.

Appraisal report

The market value of a property is determined by the price that would be available at the time of the discovery - in accordance with the actual equipment and property characteristics, the nature and location of the property or other object of valuation - regardless of the owner's unusual or personal circumstances (see also § 194 BauGB)

The report can be used in many ways

For deriving a sales price, checking a purchase price, in divorce cases, in inheritance matters, in guardianship matters, for foreclosures, for accounting, for taxation, in property disputes, for the determination of insurance values ​​and urban renewal, expropriation or apportionment. To determine the market value of your property, we commit your property.

The appraiser requires documents from you, which we will discuss with you. A first checklist is shown below. Just a few days later, you will receive the desired expertise!


market analysis

In contrast to market observation, the market analysis is only a short-term representation of the market situation. It collects up-to-date data that can be used for strategic decisions. Market analysis includes in particular: market volume and market development (growth, stagnation, shrinkage). Together with the market observation, the analysis should create market transparency.

We help you and make your real estate sale on healthy legs!


If you are thinking about selling a home or buying a condominium and wondering how much negotiating power you should consider, or if you should not just try it at a very high price, you may be about to gamble your fortune recklessly to put.

In our professional life as a real estate agent, we experience again and again that property owners misjudge the value of their real estate. Some owners work too modestly when they value the value of the property, while other owners estimate the market value far too high.

Misjudgments of 100,000, - € in both directions are not uncommon.

Real estate prices are always a matter of negotiation. Of course, every buyer will weigh precisely what advantages and disadvantages a property has for him, what renovations or potential renovations are to be made, and what additional costs might be expected in addition to the actual purchase of the property.

Of course, the financial possibilities of the buyer also play a role - but regardless of that, they always want to have the feeling that they have got the best price.

But beware: If the scope is too far away from the actual market value, prospective buyers may be deterred and do not even want to visit the real estate.

In addition, as an owner, you lose your credibility when the price is completely out of the ordinary.

One wonders how seriously you are selling the object.


bargaining chips

Often should be sold in a real estate sale and furniture or furnishings. For example, a fitted kitchen, a garden shed or even an outdoor pool.

Our advice: Do not try to sell these things at the first appointment. Only when a buyer has really decided for your property, it makes sense to offer him the accessories.

Another possibility: Offer the inventory as a discount during the price negotiations, so that you do not have to make concessions immediately. For example, leave a fitted kitchen in your calculations. Then, should the negotiations stall a bit, you can "add something" to it.

Conclusion: The price of a property is never exactly determinable on the euro. However, a reputable rating can give you a relatively accurate price range that can be achieved in a realistic time.

We were able to help you in every situation!