customer recommendation commission

You should not miss this bonus


If you know of a property to be sold or rented: inform us. We reward your tip - if it leads to a conclusion - with 10 percent of the net commission paid to us (including VAT).

Prerequisites for your tipster bonus are:

  • LE-APIS Immobilien does not know the object.
  • The object is located in the region of Taucha / Leipzig or surroundings.
  • There is no brokerage order yet.
  • The object is not already advertised.

So if you know someone from your relatives, friends or acquaintances who wants to sell or rent his property, you should act promptly. Aussprache lernen Send us the facts you know via contact form. Especially important, of course, are details of the property owner, the property and your own contact details. They help us if you inform us as comprehensively as possible.

We can only consider objects that are not already included in our file. Likewise, properties are excluded, which were previously designated by another tipster. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse objects.

If the property meets the requirements, we will contact the owner. Here, the chances of success are higher if you have already informed the owner as a tipster.On request, we also accept your tip anonymously. Her name is then not mentioned to anyone.
If you use our contact form, you will automatically receive a copy of your data transmission. If you write us a letter or an e-mail with your tip, you will receive a written confirmation from us.

Excluded from the tipster premium are persons who are not allowed to accept them for legal reasons. These include z. B. Lawyers and tax consultants. Of course, we are very happy about any useful information from this group of people.

Your customers are worth gold!


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