Right of Withdrawal

Consumer Protection Law

The right of revocation for broker contracts sometimes causes queries. Above all, the obligation to teach often leads to the fear that costs arise. What consumers should know about the right of withdrawal for brokerage contracts.


Important for you: Cost (commission) only for later purchase!

We would like to explain the background to you:

Aussprache lernen Real estate agents - and not only these - have since 13.06.2014 enlighten their customers about their right of withdrawal. The reason for this is the EU consumer directive, which applies to all distance selling. So also for any business that you launch online and ordered over the internet.

Since your inquiry is usually received by telephone, via a real estate portal, by letter or by email to a real estate agent, the estate agent is legally obligated to inform you about your right of withdrawal.

That's something every real estate agent MUST stick to!

If the real estate agent proves that you have the requested property for sale - and he does, if he name the property address - a contract is concluded between you and the estate agent.

This contract does not state anything other than that at the conclusion of a purchase contract the reported fee is due. In addition, there are no costs for you. Simple but clear: no purchase contract => no cost for you! That has always been so and is regulated in the Civil Code for the Federal Republic of Germany.


What's new:

You have the option to revoke this contract. You can do this within 14 days, if the real estate agent has instructed you about your right of withdrawal (see Widerufsbelehrung). Before expiry of these 14 days, he will only provide you with more detailed information about the property if you request that he should act before that and you waive your right of withdrawal.

We regret that things have become more complicated for you. We did not come up with that, but just stick to the legal regulations! We are happy to answer any further questions you may have by phone. For example, you will also find more information in the IVD Customer Information, which we will gladly send you.