Rental of apartments

  • First purchases after renovation.
  • Rents of apartments and commercial units
  • Optimization during revitalization
  • Englisch Aussprache lernen Rent increases (according to location, comparison and letting situation)
  • Negotiations with tenants in consultation with the owner
  • Collection of comprehensive tenant documents including Schufa information
  • Acceptances and handovers (for a fee)
  • Current lease drafts or creation of leases


Rental is the most important part of your value creation and thus the main priority in the real estate business. Vacancies are unpleasant and cost your money. My company advertises your residential and commercial unit offensively and favorably. Not only do I pay attention to the fast pace of the new lease.

It is also important that the tenant meets the criteria of your own, that you can be satisfied with your property in the long run and that it suits the respective tenant clientele. Thus, I always try to make the tenancy positive for both parties or to bind the tenant convincingly and as long as possible to your property, to save you re-letting costs.

The credit documents of my prospective clients are always forwarded to you for coordination or possibly consultation. Thus, you have an overview of the prospective or possibly new tenants and at the same time receive an impression of the possibilities of a potential rental. In addition, I will inform you at regular intervals about the survey results. What to do in difficult cases or possibly high vacancy rates? Of course I do not go out of it. However, in the case of entry, for example, I will make a so-called "open day", with prior application in the appropriate media.

I will leave no stone unturned to help your property get going or to eliminate the vacancy. Also, minor revaluations in your property can bring success. So invite a neat ambience on the doorstep and an attractive staircase inside the object, to feel good. Often it is even small things that create this impression or just destroy it.